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Ports : Water stewards back to work in port of Rotterdam

This Easter Weekend, we can once again find water stewards out on the water along the Nieuwe Maas in Rotterdam – for the first time this season. The water stewards will be offering relevant information to passing pleasure craft. This role will be fulfilled by members of the Dordtse Reddingsbrigade.
Waterstewards van de Dordtse Reddingsbrigade
The water stewards’ presence is in line with the Port Authority’s policy to pay closer attention to recreational shipping traffic now that the waters in central Rotterdam are becoming increasingly busy.
The water stewards will work from rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIBs) provided by the lifeguards of the Dordtse Reddingsbrigade. They will be patrolling two areas: near the entrance to Maashaven and near Van Brienenoordbrug. The stewards approach recreational vessels out on the water and distribute information materials to non-commercial shipping. The participating water stewards are expected to be knowledgeable about the relevant legislation and regulations and familiar with the area, to be in possession of a Klein Vaarbewijs (Small Sailing Licence) and a VHF certificate and have good interpersonal skills.
We hope that with their presence out on the water, the water stewards will prove of invaluable help to the port during peak days in the sailing season.

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