Ports : The 90th anniversary of the Port Fire Service in port of Gdynia

 The Port Fire Brigade has been protecting the Port of Gdynia for 90 years. The unit, apart from its readiness to undertake rescue and firefighting actions, implements the strategy of the Port of Gdynia Maritime Authority to ensure fire safety. It carries out preventive activities consisting in supervising the observance of fire safety regulations and securing the handling of hazardous materials.

 This activity – although not as effective as rescue operations – has for years brought tangible results in the form of a small number of incidents in the area of the Port of Gdynia.  However, effective operation of the guards would not be possible without appropriate equipment. PoGA S.A., bearing in mind the broadly understood safety of port areas, is successively equipping the port unit with modern equipment.

This morning, a ceremonial handover of a new fire engine took place.

“We have handed over to our Port Fire Brigade in Gdynia a new vehicle, which will be a fire brigade delivery car to the place where danger occurs. It will also be a patrol vehicle that will help to determine which vehicles are to leave for a given action,” said Adam Meller, President of the Gdynia Port Authority SA.

  The Port of Gdynia Fire Department of the Port of Gdynia Authority currently has two heavy rescue and fire-fighting vehicles, a special chemical rescue vehicle, a lightweight special patrol and rescue vehicle, a lightweight firefighting car and two RIB type hybrid rescue boats.

As Grzegorz Bulwa, Commander of the Port Fire Department of the Port of Gdynia Authority, admits: “At present we have a new generation equipment, we have nothing to be ashamed of. Technically, we are compared with the State Fire Service. Soon we are planning to buy a new car. If everything goes well, we should already have a new fire-fighting car at the turn of June and July next year.”

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