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Ports : Port of HaminaKotka throughput in 5M’20201 fell by 3.6% YoY

In January-May 2021, the Port of HaminaKotka (Finland) handled 6.55 million tonnes of cargo (-3.6%, year-on-year).  According to the port authorities, handling of export cargo fell by 6% to 5.11 million tonnes including 1,11 million tonnes of paper (+16.5%), 757,438 tonnes of wood pulp (+15.5%), 657,464tonnes of liquid bulk cargo (-37.5%), and 1.18 million tonnes of dry bulk cargo (+19.1%)
In the reporting period, imports fell by 4.6% to 1.44 million tonnes including 521,271 tonnes of ran wood (+31.9%), 336,480 tonnes of general cargo (+5.9%), 369,849 tonnes of liquid bulk cargo (-13.4%) and 149,349 tonnes of dry bulk cargo (-12.1%).
The port’s transit traffic fell by 12% to 1.79 million tonnes, while coastal traffic fell by 61.1% to 21,961 tonnes.

Container throughput rose by 8.3% to 268,014 TEUs

Vessel traffic fell by 8.3% to 990 units.

The Port of Kotka is some 50 km from the Russian border, 280 km from St. Petersburg, and 1,000 km from Moscow. Port of Kotka comprises ports of Mussalo, Hietanen, Kantasatama, berth Puolanlaituri (Polish berth), berth Halla, and also port premises Sunila. Port of Hamina is the eastern port of Finland located 35 km from the Russian border. In 2020, the port handled 14.84 million tonnes of cargo.

First container train by Nurminen Logistics from Mussalo in Kotka to Japan on the way

The first container train of Nurminen Logistics from Mussalo in Kotka to Japan started its journey on Friday 4 June 2021. The train will run from Mussalo to Kouvola and then across the Vainikkala border crossing station to Vladivostok, from where the containers will continue by sea to Japan, South Korea and Singapore. The train is carrying 53 containers, including packaging board for use by the food industry and products made by the engineering industry.
According to Marjut Linnajärvi, VP Sales at Nurminen Logistics, container train transport from Kotka to Asia is a great addition to the service range of the company.
 “We have our own terminal and forwarding unit in Kotka and the services of our partners are also available, so it has been natural to start operating from Kotka as well. We are very excited about this new service.”
Kimmo Naski, CEO of Port of HaminaKotka Ltd, is pleased with the new route from Kotka to Asia.
 “The Port of HaminaKotka is not only the biggest container port in Finland and one of the largest on the Baltic Sea, but also by far the biggest rail transport hub in Finland. It is with gratitude that we can state that our long-term partner Nurminen Logistics makes excellent use of these strengths of ours, thus consolidating the logistics position of our port even further,” says Kimmo Nicki.
HaminaKotka Satama konttijuna Nurminen 06_2021


HaminaKotka Satama konttijuna Nurminen Kotolahden ratapiha


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