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Ports : Luka Koper and Telekom Slovenije will take part in the European 5G-LOGINNOV Project

As part of the project, the company Telekom Slovenije will establish a 5G development and test network within the Port of Koper area which will be intended for the development and testing of solutions for process optimization, greater efficiency, and reduction of environmental impacts on specific applications in transport logistics management.

While testing the solutions, the project partners will use the latest fifth-generation network and device technologies, sensors, automation analytics and traffic management systems, including the use of autonomous freight trucks. Similar solutions will be tested by other project partners in the ports of Hamburg and Piraeus. 

The 15 partners will invest a total of almost 8 million euros in the project. Co-financing by the European Commission amounts to 70 percent, which means that almost 6 million euros of European funds will be earmarked for the project, which will run for three years and is expected to be completed in September 2023. 

Telekom Slovenije is planning a smart 5G infrastructure in such a way that it will be able to provide (in addition to communication services) a number of virtual dedicated networks for individual business verticals, such as logistics, transport, health, energy, factories, and smart cities and communities.

As the only Slovenian operator to do so, Telekom Slovenije has so far participated in two European projects in the field of 5G introduction, and is also participating in the Slovenian 5G Security project.

The company Luka Koper, on the other hand, is currently participating in two projects from the Horizon 2020 program, namely the SAURON and INFRASTRESS projects, focusing on the physical and cyber security of ports and related improvements in the protection of critical infrastructure. 

The introduction of the fifth-generation mobile network is based on long-term technological development based on the LTE/4G+ network, upgraded with the Internet of Things technology.

Telekom Slovenije was the first in Slovenia to fully upgrade its network a year ago with NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) technology, which opens up new opportunities for the development of innovative solutions with high added value for process optimization and resource management, ensuring high levels of security as well as a higher quality of life.

In the Port of Koper, the modern 5G network will be used to test user experiences in port security, to improve operational processes, and in the field of environmental protection. As a matter of fact, the system enables better coverage of the area and faster transfer of larger amounts of data, such as video and photographic material. From this perspective, it makes it easier to control the safety and speed of cargo handling and also facilitates control over electricity consumption, allowing for greater energy efficiency.

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