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Ports : Lower light dues in the Port of Koper

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Slovenia has, at the initiative of Luka Koper and the Slovenian Ship and Freight Agents Association, adopted a reduction of 50 % for the light dues in the Port of Koper

This type of dues is paid by the shipowner, who is entering the port or is anchoring in the territorial waters of Slovenia. According to the Rules on the light dues, the single-arrival and monthly dues are reduced by 50 % from 1st May 2020 until 30th September 2020.


In addition, the Ministry amended the Rules in the part related to the type of vessel. The vessels are now categorized as container, RO-RO, passenger or other cargo ships, as specified in the Rules

Ship owner

The ship owner also has the option of deciding whether to pay the dues only for a single arrival, and not only for a period of one month or one year, as was the case before the change. In mid-April, the Ministry of Infrastructure has temporarily (until 30th September 2020) halved also the amount of port dues for cargo ships and provided exemption for passenger ships

. At a time when the logistic sector is dealing with the consequences of the pandemic, both measures are welcomed in maintaining the competitiveness of the transport route through the Port of Koper 

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