Ports : Civitavecchia welcomes the Ro-Ro line with Glenhallen’s Libya

After Tunisia, Libya. The port of Civitavecchia continues to intensify relations with the maritime ports of North Africa. The AdSP led by Pino Musolino announced that the first landing of a ro-ro line with Libya is scheduled for next Friday. The connection is managed by the Bellettieri Agency which has the Maltese company Glenhallen as its principal. In the first phase, a landing every three weeks is planned and the ships coming and going to Libya will touch the ports of Marseille, Genoa, Civitavecchia and Salerno.

Pino Musolino

“It is a first signal of restart – declares the president of the AdSP of the Central Northern Tyrrhenian Sea, Pino Musolino – with which 2021 opens and which bodes well for what for the network of the ports of Rome and Lazio must be the year of recovery, in which to turn the page and relaunch the whole cluster. Attracting new traffic is the first response to face the difficult challenges that await us and the opening of this connection with North Africa represents the first step in relaunching a segment that in 2020 suffered particularly as Ro / Ro “.

The Glenhallen company has been offering maritime connections for the transport of rolling loads between Italy and Libya for several years.

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