Port of Tianjin tightens Covid restrictions

Reporting China’s first community spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 mandatory testing of all 14m of port city’s residents has been undertaken, with approvals and a negative test required to travel to outside the city, according to Seatrade Maritime. Port operations are reported to run normally with cases not found among port workers.

With lockdowns in the Beilun area of Ningbo where several busiest container terminals of Ningbo-Zhoushan port are located since the start of there are growing fears of a repeat of the large-scale closure seen in Yantian Port in June last year which had major repercussions for the global supply chain.

Omicron has spread from Tianjin to Henan weeks before Winter Olympics,  Lunar New Year | South China Morning Post

China continues to maintain a zero-Covid strategy and recently placed 11 million people in the city of Xi’an under a strict lockdown.

Asia has nine out of ten busiest ports in the world, and seven of those are in China. Port of Tianjin largest port in Northern China and the main maritime gateway to Beijing. Tianjin Port has handled more than 20 million TEU containers by the end of 2021, a record number in history, the port’s operator said.

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