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Port of San Diego extends agreement with Sunken Seaweed

The Port of San Diego is adding five years onto its agreement with Sunken Seaweed, LLC., a local startup demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of seaweed and shellfish aquaculture in San Diego Bay.

The Port is also investing an additional $100,000 in the project in exchange for an increase in revenue share from 5% to 6% and an extended revenue share period from 2043 to 2048, according to the company’s release.

Sunken Seaweed

Sunken Seaweed is led by two marine ecologists committed to pioneering sustainable seaweed aquaculture in San Diego. They are growing culinary seaweeds including dulse, sea lettuce, ogo, and other larger kelp varieties. Sunken Seaweed’s goal is to sell their seaweed to chefs and food production and distribution companies.

They are also exploring a range of products including fertilizers, human food supplements, and livestock feed additives. Sunken Seaweed’s pilot farm is located at the northwestern end of Grape Street Pier Number 1 along the North Embarcadero.

The amended agreement will allow Sunken Seaweed to continue conducting seaweed and shellfish aquaculture ecosystem services research in San Diego Bay

. Additionally, they’ll be able to expand and scale their land-based seaweed aquaculture operations at a new satellite location in Humboldt Bay in collaboration with a well-established, vertically integrated aquaculture company, Hog Island Oyster Company.

The amendment will support the scaling of Sunken Seaweed operations and allow the company to position itself as an industry leader in seaweed production, as well as in ecosystem services research applied to seaweed aquaculture in port environments.

Aquaculture encompasses the cultivation of shellfish, fish, and aquatic plants/algae. The aquaculture sector is driven by a growing global demand for seafood and the lack of a domestic supply.

The Sunken Seaweed pilot project is part of the Port’s Blue Economy Incubator, established to assist in the creation, development, and scaling of new water-dependent business ventures on San Diego Bay focusing on sustainable aquaculture and Port-related blue technologies.

The Port of San Diego is our gateway to the world. Port of San Diego Maritime leads our working waterfront and facilitates the international and domestic movement of goods and people.

The Port is a conscientious innovator that leverages our unique expertise, deep-water berths, forward-thinking solutions, and relationships to expand the opportunities for businesses and employees.

Port Maritime businesses employ thousands of residents with well-paying jobs and generate billions of dollars per year for the regional economy, creating a prosperous global economic engine for all.

graphic depicting the Port of San Diego's jurisdiction area in and around San Diego Bay

About :The Port of San Diego

The Port of San Diego manages San Diego Bay and 34 miles of its beautiful, natural waterfront for the people of California. The Port was established in 1962 under the Port Act and is charged with implementing the Tidelands Trust Doctrine.

21st Century Marina Uncropped

For over fifty years, the Port’s five member cities – Chula Vista, Coronado, Imperial Beach, National City and San Diego – have worked together to develop and promote commerce, navigation, recreation and fisheries on and around San Diego Bay. Self-funded, the Port contributes billions annually to San Diego’s economy, benefiting the community, local businesses and employees.

Businesses at the Port provide thousands of well-paying jobs, supporting individuals and families throughout the region. Each year, millions of people enjoy a remarkable way of life offered by San Diego Bay and its waterfront communities. 

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