Port of Antwerp : By boatmen, for boatmen

Hyundai ships hydrogen trucks via Antwerp

Heaving lines weighted with illegal objects are very dangerous for boatmen. Boatman André Van Mechelen and assistant traffic controller Alain Vervloet therefore came up with the idea of making safe sandbags and handing them out to reported ships. For Port of Antwerp, safety is a top priority and we are proud to throw our weight behind this idea.

To throw hawsers far enough, the crew of a ship hangs an object at the end to make it heavier. There are agreements around this, but there are sometimes dangerous objects hanging on them, such as metal bolts. The boatmen cut off these heaving lines and the ship gets an official report. By using the sandbags with the Port of Antwerp logo instead, produced by tailor-made solutions company Werminval, we can raise awareness and provide a safe alternative at the same time! 


Ay the other hand Hyundai Motors will ship 50 hydrogen trucks via the port of Antwerp to the Hyundai site in Switzerland. The aim is to ship 1,600 trucks to Europe via Antwerp by 2025. 

At the International Car Operators terminal, two cargoes of hydrogen trucks have already arrived from the South Korean port of Kwangyang. From the terminal, they will depart on transport to the Hyundai site in Zurich. Switzerland is one of the countries with the largest share of hydropower in the world and opened the second public hydrogen filling station in July. The hydrogen trucks emit no CO2 and are equipped with an XCIENT Fuel Cell, the world’s first hydrogen cell for heavy trucks. 

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