Oksana Metelska writes : What does Maritime Consulting mean and what we can do?

By: Oksana Metelska

What do you need to do if you faced any maritime issues?

Marine is a huge industry where different types of incidents can happen.

Maritime incidents arise from legal disputes between the joint parties, and both joint parties are subject to huge challenges.

What is the role of the marine expert when a marine accident occurs? Or when litigation? The marine expert is based on counting evidence, collecting data that contribute to preserving client rights, and issuing professional reports, including causes of the accident, limitation of losses, nature of the contract, and taking responsibility.

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To avoid or fix it ‘Slaich Marine Consultancy’ (SMC) can help you in both technical and legal solutions under one roof with one Fee.

What SMC is going to do in steps if you have Maritime Issue:

Marine incident and emergency management

Marine incidents Management:

  • Collect evidence, conduct interviews, prepare an incident report containing responsible parties, Detailed description on physical damage, valuate damage repair value.


  • Verify insurance coverage for each required claim, review marine insurance policies, assisting in both legal and marine sides for the best interests` protection as per insurance company requirements.

Marine Casualties - Andrew Moore Reports:

  • Marine financial claims, Cargo Damage Claim fully handling, providing expert`s reports in both Arabic and English, by sworn expert

In today’s times, the profession of a maritime consultant has become majorly asking. Since the job entails providing expertise, it also involves detailed studying and analysis of the concerned issue from the perspective of not only the concerned party but also from the perspective of the environment and any other factors which could cause a debilitating to the concern issue.


The profession of maritime consultants is unique because it caters extensively to the shipping industry with no other fields overlapping its scope and ambit. A maritime consultant needs to have the necessary patience and steadfastness to execute his job in a manner befitting the title allotted to his profession.

Because if maritime consultant falters or make mistake, it can be 2 outcomes of error i.e either a major one or could be a minor one. In the case of the former, rectification is possible but in the case of the latter, the aspect of rectification will be far too late.

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