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Offshore : Van Oord’s TSHD Vox Amalia kicks off its first job in Netherlands

Van Oord‘s brand-new TSHD vessel is reinforcing the coastline by placing more than 3.5 million cubic meters of sand in a deep trench just off the coast.

The contract was awarded by Rijkswaterstaat, the operational arm of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management.

TSHD has a length of 158 meters, a width of 36 meters and a load capacity of 18,000 cubic meters.OThe vessel was built in Spain on the instructions of Van Oord and is used for land reclamation, constructing or expanding port infrastructure and coastal reinforcement.

In December 2018, the vessel was christened by Her Majesty Queen Máxima in Rotterdam during the celebration of Van Oord’s 150th anniversary.

Between April and October 2019, all systems and installations were gradually placed in working order and tested accordingly and recently completed the final trials. 

The vessel is part of Van Oord‘s new generation of trailing suction hopper dredgers with a focus on energy efficiency for the smallest possible carbon footprint.

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