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‘Ocean Infinity” has added third offshore vessel ‘Normand Frontier’ to the fleet”

U.S. based next generation sub-sea technology & data company ‘Ocean Infinity’, has added third offshore vessel ‘Normand Frontier’ to the fleet and enhancing international services portfolio

According to Ocean Infinity, the vessel has now been mobilized, having been signed on a three-year year charter with the Norwegian shipowner Solstad Offshore, in December 2018.

2014 built Normand Frontier is a modern, fuel-efficient, a multi-purpose vessel capable of both supporting AUV and USV operations, as well as deep water search and recovery services.

The mobilization of this 121m long vessel adds to Ocean Infinity’s current fleet consisting of the Seabed Constructor and MV Island Pride, and will allow Ocean Infinity to serve its clients on a global basis.

Ocean Infinity now operates three permanently mobilized subsea vessels each equipped with 5 AUVs, 3 USVs, 2 ROVs, full ocean depth hull-mounted multi-beam echo-sounder, deep water 45 tonnes fibre rope winch and construction class crane

Oliver Plunkett, Ocean Infinity’s CEO, said, “This is another landmark moment for

Ocean Infinity and an important step in consolidating our position as the industry leader in sub-sea technology and data.  Driven by demand from clients wishing to move away from legacy technologies the mobilization of a third vessel allows us to service our clients globally across a range of sectors and materially improves the bandwidth of our offering.”

 “We are very pleased to be working with Solstad Offshore, a leader in the provision of specialized offshore vessels and we are very excited to be continuing on our strong growth trajectory.”  

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