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NOVA : Still great interest in investing

Rome / Nova Agency

Alessandra Ricci, CEO of the Italian export credit agency “Sace”, confirmed that there is still a great desire to invest, the Italian news agency Nova reported.

Chi è Alessandra Ricci: Linkedin, CV e biografia del CEO designato di SACE - Il Giornale d'Italia

The data shows that exports are growing and the GDP outlook is good while business sentiment is negative,” Ricci said, during the “Made in Italy” summit organized by the Italian newspapers “Il Sole Venti Quattro Uri” and the British “Financial Times”.

There is a great appetite for investment and we believe resilience can overcome challenges.”

And she continued, “From our point of view, although there is a decrease in the tendency to invest, the real data does not reflect this,” noting that “there was a slowdown in investments but not everyone stopped.”

It si noteworthy SACE is the Italian Export Credit Agency and an active participant in the major international organizations within the Export Credit industry.

SACE’s activities are regulated by the European Union legislation and by the OECD Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits. SACE follows the principles of good practice agreed at the Berne Union, an association representing the main export credit and investment support providers.

Together with the relevant Ministries, SACE is a member of the Italian Delegation to the Paris Club for the restructuring of sovereign debts and participates in the major negotiations related to the international regulation on Export Credit, such as the IWG.

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