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Norwegian regulation for NVG herring quota for 2022 set at 454,927 tonnes

The Norwegian spring-spawning herring (NVG herring) quota for 2022 will be 454,927 tonnes, down from the 495,035 tonnes in 2021.

In the coastal state negotiations on Norwegian spring-spawning herring (NVG herring) earlier this autumn, the coastal states agreed that the total quota for 2022 will be set at 598,588 tonnes. Norway has decided to continue the Norwegian share of 76 percent of the total quota (TAC), and the Norwegian quota for 2022 will thus be 454,927 tonnes.

Of the Norwegian quota, 684 tonnes have been set aside for recruitment quotas (old scheme), 533 tonnes for recruitment quota bonus scheme (new scheme), 890 tonnes for research and teaching purposes, 500 tonnes for bait quotas, and 2000 tonnes for an open group for coastal vessels.

The new distribution key for Norwegian spring-spawning herring, which was introduced in line with Storting’s decision when considering the quota report, and which has now served as the distribution key for NVG herring in 2021, will be continued in 2022.

The distribution key is 49 percent for purse seines, 10 percent for trawls, and 41 percent for coasts. The agreement from 2009 on quota exchange between purse seine and trawl groups for NVG herring and mackerel will be continued as before.

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“A number of changes were introduced in the regulation for Norwegian spring-spawning herring in 2021, in line with the Storting’s decision. These are the guidelines we must also adhere to today,” says Minister of Fisheries and Marine Affairs Bjørnar Skjæran.

The allocation to the open group of 2000 tonnes will also 2022 be deducted from the total quota.

Developments in fishing for coastal vessels under 15 meters show that quota utilization is very good. In 2022, there will be a decline in quotas, and over-regulation in this group has been somewhat high in recent years, the degree of over-regulation will therefore be adjusted down to 10 percent in 2022.

Source: Fishing Daily

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