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News : Russia welcomes to benefit from its competences in Autonomous navigation safety

Russia avails regulatory and technology assets to offer the key players

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation is open to share the experience gained in the development of regulations and technologies for safe and successful implementation of a-Navigation, IAA PortNews correspondent cites Aleksandr Poshivai, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, as saying at the Conference on a-Navigation.
“Russia avails regulatory and technology assets to offer all interested parties. I welcome all countries to join our experience providing exceptional opportunities for all mankind in terms of navigation safety”, – said AleksandrPoshivai by inviting Conference participants to enjoy the video of an example of a-Navigation Trial Project.
“This year, we are completing a large-scale a-Navigation Trial Project – in real conditions – and beginning a national experiment on the trial operation of autonomous vessels under the Russian flag. In December last year, the Russian government, the Flag State administration, approved the Decree on conducting such an experiment, considering the IMO’s Interim Guidelines for the Maritime Autonomous Ships Trials. In accordance with it, any shipping company will be able to equip its ships under the Russian flag with autonomous navigation systems and operate them in their regular activities as part of the national experiment”, – he emphasized.
Large-scale Autonomous Navigation Trial Project, being the world’s largest and the most ambitious one, was launched in 2019 by a group of Russian shipping and technological companies, research centers, and universities under the umbrella of Industry Association MARINET. By mentioning Russia’s practical experience in full-scale operation of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS)VitalyKlyuev, Acting Director of the Department of State Policy of Maritime and Inland Waterways Transport, aptly described the future of a-Navigation: that’s not “when”, but “how” challenge.
By presenting Russia’ achievements in Autonomous Navigation promotion Alexander Pinskiy, the author and the leader of the a-Navigation project in MARINET, called upon pooling the practical experience accumulated by all stakeholders for the sake of enhanced safety at sea and friendliness for seafarers to avoid mistakes already made.
“I am glad to see Russia’s progress in trial activities and stand for information sharing”, – added Henrik Tunfors, Chair MASS Working Group of IMO’s Maritime Safety Division.
The Conference outcomes were summed up by Heike Deggim, Director of IMO Maritime Safety Division, who had regard for the achievements and progress made by the Russian colleagues in promoting a-Navigation. “The Conference raised a number of issues that were not considered before. I do hope that the technical work will be continued to enable MASS to operate. And this is the burden of all member states, not only IMO Secretariat. And we expect all member states to consider what issues exactly need to be technically addressed at IMO and solutions to be internationally agreed and implemented”, – she concluded.
The online Conference on autonomous and remote navigation (a-Navigation) was organized on April 28, 2021, by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation with support of IMO and in partnership with the Industry Association MARINET and the a-Navigation Promotion Center “MARINET RUT”. The Conference gathered about 100 experts from various shipping and engineering companies, regulatory bodies and research centers worldwide

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