News : Deltamarin to be a part of Höegh Autoliners’ decarbonization journey as the designer

Höegh Autoliners is accelerating its decarbonization efforts to meet its goal of a zero emissions future. Aurora Class launch is a crucial step in the company’s sustainability commitment. Designed for 9,100 car equivalent units it will also be the world´s largest car carrier.
“With the future of cargos and zero carbon fuels in mind, the Aurora vessels is designed for a greener future. It is the most environmentally friendly car carrier ever built. The Aurora Class represents a big step on our path to a zero emissions future” says Höegh Autoliners´ Chief Executive Officer Andreas Enger.
“We have entered a Memorandum of Understanding with our professional and long-term partner Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry. This will make it possible to have the first vessel delivered by the end of 2023” the CEO continues.
Höegh Autoliners has a solid history on emission cuts and long-term efforts to combating climate change. They have since 2008 achieved an improved carbon intensity of 37 per cent in their fleet. This has put them in the forefront in sustainable shipping in the deep-sea RoRo segment.
The Aurora class is designed to transport the cargo of the future. Its strengthened decks and enhanced internal ramp systems enable Electric Vehicles on all decks and provide more flexibility for heavier project cargo.
The Aurora Class’ multi-fuel engine can run on various biofuel and conventional fuels, including LNG. With minor modifications, it can transition to use future zero carbon fuels, including Green Ammonia.
Janne Uotila, the CEO of Deltamarin, says “Deltamarin and Höegh Autoliners have been leading the way for the unique high-end PCTCs and other highly specialized RoRo vessels already for the last 20 years. The Aurora class will be the world’s largest PCTC and able to take future carbon neutral fuels, such as ammonia, which has been considered, for example, in the fuel storage design. Cooperation with Höegh has always been excellent, and it has been our privilege to work alongside with the innovative, responsible, and forward-looking professionals who know their own business thoroughly.”
Being ready for zero carbon fuels and taking advantage of the latest technology on everything from energy optimization to internal ramp systems the Aurora Class will bring decarbonization and cargo efficiency to a new level. This will reduce Höegh Autoliners carbon footprint and support decarbonizing customers’ supply chain.
“We are accelerating our decarbonization efforts to meet our net zero emissions target by 2040. Together with our customers and trusted partners we will make a significant contribution to a more sustainable maritime industry” concludes Andreas Enger.
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