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News : Death of Lucio Bonaso. “Paolo d’Amico and Cesare d’Amico

Paolo d’Amico and Cesare d’Amico, together with all their colleagues, mourn the passing of Lucio Bonaso, CEO of the Dry Cargo business unit of the d’Amico Group

Mr Bonaso joined the company in 1998 to manage the bulk-carrier fleet development project and responsibility over all the activities of the Dry Cargo segment. He contributed decisively to the growth and development of the company through the years, contributing to the business growth through important commercial agreements particularly in the Asian and Japanese markets and managing the recent fleet renewal programme. He was General Manager until 2012 when he was appointed CEO of d’Amico Dry division.

During his career at d’Amico, he was significantly involved in sharing and contributing his knowledge and experience to the development of the new generation of the Group managers.

After graduating

After graduating in 1973 as a Naval Engineer at the University of Genoa, he spent two years in the Navy and then joined “Officine San Giorgio del Porto”, a shipyard in Genoa.

In 1980 he was hired by Gestion Maritime SA, a Monaco based company, where he remained until 1998, gradually improving his position until appointment as CEO.

Lucio Bonaso remained very close and committed to the University of Genoa and the Faculty of Naval Engineering. Being a strong believer in the importance of excellence in training for future generations, he contributed to the creation of the “Student Naval Architect Award” presented by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects and the Amico Group. Such reward is assigned annually to the best graduation thesis from the Naval Engineering Department of the University.

d’Amico Group extends its deepest condolences to Lucio Bonaso’s family, wife, and children.


Navigazione SpA

The d’Amico Group, founded in 1952, is a world leader in maritime transportation in the Dry Cargo and Product Tankers sectors and offering international shipping services relating to the core businesses. it owns a modern and Eco fleet of Dry bulk carriers and Products tankers. With offices in over 10 maritime and financial centers worldwide, the d’Amico Group has over 300 ashore employees and over 3000 seafarers on board its vessels. Its mission and strategy have always been focused on sustainability, on customer care and on nurturing the professional excellence of its people. 



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