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Minesto and SEV entered into a collaboration agreement to integrate tidal energy

Swedish developer Minesto has delivered clean electricity to the Faroese grid

Swedish developer Minesto has delivered clean electricity to the Faroese grid as part of the ongoing commissioning work of its DG100 tidal kite system in Vestmannasund.

Minesto’s tidal kite device (Courtesy of Minesto)

“This is a historic moment and a massive step forward for Minesto and the development of our unique product. We are particularly satisfied with the production performance level of the system”, said Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto. “We are now looking forward to our continued operations in Vestmannasund and working with SEV on future development plans”.

Following the installation of project infrastructure, including the foundation, export cable and onshore control station, Minesto installed and commenced commissioning activities of its 100kW DG100 tidal kite system in October.

DG100 system

The DG100 system consists of the kite, tether, and the bottom joint. The bottom joint provides a pivoting connection point with the foundation, allowing the kite to fly freely in its optimised figure-of-eight trajectory.

Flows in Vestmannasund

The DG100 commissioning progress means that Minesto now has initiated the process of generating renewable electricity from the tidal flows in Vestmannasund, which is facilitated by the Power Purchase Agreement with the utility company SEV.

Jonas Millqvist, Chairman of the Board of Minesto

Jonas Millqvist, Chairman of the Board of Minesto, said: “This is a valuable step towards establishing Minesto’s technology in the renewable energy business on par with more proven technologies such as offshore wind energy.

“We now enter a phase where we move from single installations to array configurations, following the path of wind energy commercialisation. The operational progress and funding set-ups achieved to date give us a strong position to drive Minesto’s commercial development forward”.

Hákun Djurhuus, CEO of SEV

Faroese sustainable electricity generation

Hákun Djurhuus, CEO of SEV, added: “We are very pleased that the project has reached the point where the Minesto DG100 delivers electricity to the Faroese grid. Although this is still on trial basis, we are confident that tidal energy will play a significant part in the Faroese sustainable electricity generation. Unlike other sustainable sources, tidal energy is predictable, which makes it more stable than e.g. wind power”.

Collaboration for both microgrid and utility-scale installations

Minesto and SEV have entered into a collaboration agreement to integrate tidal energy through Minesto’s Deep Green technology in the Faroe Islands.

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