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Marsa Mina is scheduled to be completed and opened to the public in the first quarter of 2020

Abu Dhabi Ports has started work on the city’s new waterfront space, Marsa Mina, which aims to bring new life to the city’s historic port area at Mina Zayed. To mark the start of construction, the first container to be used for the project was unloaded in the presence of number of Abu Dhabi Ports’ officials. Marsa Mina is scheduled to be completed and opened to the public in the first quarter of 2020.

Located next to the Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal, Marsa Mina is expected to offer tourists arriving by ship a more exciting point of entry into the city. It also creates a unique new leisure destination for residents, with luxury cruise liners providing a dramatic backdrop.

In keeping with its maritime heritage, Marsa Mina’s retail units will be constructed from recycled shipping containers. Further connecting Marsa Mina to its past, the area will showcase artworks created from reused maritime equipment. Placed throughout the project, the works by young UAE artists aims to give Marsa Mina the feeling of a maritime museum.

ADP chief executive, Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamsi, says, “To promote the growth of small and medium enterprises in Abu Dhabi, we have set aside development space in Marsa Mina dedicated to entrepreneurs and start-ups. Businesses who are keen on establishing themselves in the port can expect a streamlined registration process.”

Marsa Mina will also support local small and medium enterprises. An area will be allocated to attract entrepreneurs with innovative and interesting business concepts, offering business support facilities to help them grow their ideas

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