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Maritime Decarbonization Seminar Hosted at WMU

The World Maritime University (WMU) hosted a two-day international seminar on the role of green technologies and capacity building in maritime decarbonization. Over 70 participants from 35 countries gathered, as well as WMU students, to attend the event entitled: “The role of green technologies and capacity building in maritime decarbonization

.” The presentations and discussions focused on green technologies and ways of promoting global collaboration and capacity-building in maritime decarbonization.

WMU president recognised for leadership role

Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, WMU President, welcomed the participants to the two-day event. She highlighted the importance of Green Technologies, such as those demonstrated in project CHEK, that are essential for providing the technical means for enabling maritime transport without greenhouse gas emissions.

“The green technologies we see emerging today are truly exciting, with the emergence of modern energy saving devices, the harnessing of renewable energy, and zero-carbon fuels. It is my hope that this seminar will be furthering these technical developments by discussions and further development of green technologies,” she said.

NEWS) WMU Alumnus Appointed IMO Director

Mr. Xiaojie Zhang, Director of the Technical Cooperation Division (TCD), International Maritime Organization (IMO) Representative of the IMO Secretary-General and a graduate of WMU, delivered opening remarks for the Seminar.

He noted that the two topics addressed in this seminar are very important for the successful implementation of the 2018 Initial IMO Strategy on the Reduction of GHG Emissions from Ships: Green technologies, and global capacity-building.

“Green technologies, including Research and Development initiatives on low and zero carbon alternative fuels for shipping, are essential in providing the technical solutions for sustaining the maritime industry’s crucial transport work that facilitate global trade while achieving IMO’s commitment in phasing out GHG emissions from shipping,” he said.

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