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Maritime Cluster : The Future of Marine Industry

The phenomenon of maritime clusters has spawned a rich body of scholarly work in the last fifteen yearsand , It had became the future of marine industries Yet, the answer to one important question has remained elusive: what is a maritime cluster?

This question is important because maritime clusters have rapidly become the focus of economic competitiveness policies promoted by both firms and policymakers.

This study reviews research articles published over a 15-year period that investigate maritime clusters and derives three distinct definitions of a maritime cluster from them: an industrial complex, an agglomeration of interlinked industries, and a community-based network

Dutch Maritime Network

The concept of maritime cluster is new to India, but these clusters have been driving some of the most competitive ports of the world like Rotterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Oslo, Shanghai, and London.

Simply put, a maritime cluster is an agglomeration of firms, institutions, and businesses in the maritime sector that are geographically located close to each other.

In the past fifteen years, the literature on maritime clusters has expanded rapidly. Sustained academic scrutiny of the phenomenon of maritime clusters is not surprising, since they have gained popularity as a key strategic tool through which to support economic development and as a business strategy.

Indeed, many governments acknowledge the important role maritime clusters play in not only promoting economic development, but also supporting potential innovation and technological development. As a consequence, maritime cluster policy initiatives and programmes have multiplied in a wide variety of contexts.

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