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Marine Safety : Harvey Gulf Converts Second PSV to Dual-Fuel with Battery Power

Harvey Gulf International Marine announced that, in February, they completed conversion of the 310’ PSV Harvey Champion to a dual-fuel vessel, now operating on both battery power and diesel.
The Champion now boasts 754kWh of battery power, which will reduce harmful emissions both in port and while underway, while simultaneously reducing the vessel’s fuel burn, saving the end-user money.
The Harvey Champion is the second of ten vessels Harvey is upgrading with new battery power systems. Under the direction of CEO Shane Guidry, once again providing to be the greenest CEO on the water, Harvey is now the only vessel company in America owning and operating both tri-fuel and dual-fuel vessels
Harvey Gulf Converts Second PSV to Dual-Fuel with Battery Power.
Harvey is also the only vessel operator using those vessels to support oil and gas projects, thereby helping those operators reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
Upon completion of the conversion, the Harvey Champion immediately went to work for an oil & gas super major in the USA.

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