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Marek Grzybowski writes to eBlueeconomy: ICTSI at the Port of Gdynia stays for 30 years

Marek Grzybowski an exclusive to eBlueEconmomy

The global operator of container terminals strengthens its position at the Port of Gdynia and in the Baltic Sea Region.  ICTSI signs new 30-year lease for Baltic Container Terminal in Gdynia, Poland. The operator will lease an area of approximately 60 hectares.  

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The operator from the Philippines has been operating at the Port of Gdynia for 20 years and knows the Baltic Sea and Northern European markets very well.

In a ceremony held in Gdynia, on 19 December 2022, a new 30-year lease was signed into life by International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) and the Port Authority of Gdynia SA for the Baltic Container Terminal (BCT). The new lease will run until 2053.

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Port of Gdynia Authority and ICTSI agreement

An agreement was signed between the Port of Gdynia Authority and ICTSI. The Baltic Container Terminal (BCT) will lease land from the Port of Gdynia Authority for the next thirty years.

Żagiel Radia Gdańsk” title for Jacek Sadaj, the President of the Board of the Port of Gdynia, – BSSC.PL

On behalf of the Port of Gdynia, the documents were signed by the President of the Management Board, Jacek Sadaj, and the Vice-President of the Management Board and Director of Infrastructure and Asset Management, Kazimierz Koralewski. Hans Ole Madsen, representing ICTSI, signed on behalf of ICTSI.

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The ceremony was also attended by Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Marek Gróbarczyk, Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy Marcin Horała, Ambassador of the Philippines Leah M. Basinang-Ruiz.

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– We are convinced that this proven lessee, known to us, will perfectly perform tasks in the area of the Port of Gdynia – said the President of the Port of Gdynia Authority, Jacek Sadaj.

– Polish ports play an important role not only in the Baltic Sea, but throughout Europe. The Baltic Container Terminal plays a very important role in NATO reloading and support for Ukraine, said Gróbarczyk.

– We are starting with huge investments in the Baltic Sea. By 2026, there will be about 6 GW of wind farms, and by 2030 this is expected to increase by another 10 GW. We have a huge need for port areas.

BCT’s experience in handling offshore logistics will help us in the implementation of offshore wind farms – adds Gróbarczyk

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BCT in the Poland’s port infrastructure

BCT represents an important component in the Poland’s port infrastructure – it functions as a key maritime gateway for feeder services, relaying cargo to/from the main North European hubs and as a main port of call for direct services – the Scan/Balt – USA and the North West Continent – India Pakistan Services.

The development work in-hand promises to enable BCT to consolidate and expand handling both categories of service to the direct benefit of exporters and importers. Equally, it will facilitate the handling of special cargoes such as advanced military equipment.

– BCT has considerable expertise in this area – informed  Wojciech Szymulewicz, BCT chief executive oficer and adds:  “meeting stringent security requirements, and as such enjoys the trust of the Polish army and Poland’s NATO Allies”.

– We are pleased to extend our long and positive relationship with the Port of Gdynia, said Hans-Ole Madsen, ICTSI senior vice president, regional head – Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), speaking on the occasion of the formal signing of the lease extension.

– We look forward to playing our part in the next growth phase foreseen for the port and to rolling out new investments in a sustainable way that will meet the latest client requirements, build the terminal’s strategic attributes and maximize positive economic impact across the board, for BCT, the port and city as a whole – adds Hans-Ole Madsen.

– Signing the contract with the BCT operator was one of the most important tasks of the Port of Gdynia Authority in 2022. This is the year of the centenary of the Port of Gdynia in Europe. The agreement concluded today will determine the development of the BCT terminal for the next decades, emphasizes President Sadaj.

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Stabilization in an activity and development plans

The fact that the current operator of the container terminal was the winner of the tender allows us to avoid many unnecessary complications related to employment, continuation of business relations with clients and the planned development of the terminal – emphasized Deputy Minister Horała.

At BCT, Morska Agencja Gdynia unloads annually about 500 complete installations for wind farms imported to Poland by sea. Every year, the BCT handles several deliveries of armaments for the American troops stationed in Poland and transports of tanks and howitzers imported by Poland for the Polish Army.

The emphasis on sustainability at BCT will be further reflected in the ongoing efforts to move cargo into and out of the terminal via rail, not just to national destinations but beyond Poland’s borders.

BCT’s market reach via rail includes all major destinations in Poland and extends along the increasingly important trans-European Baltic – Adriatic Corridor (Corridor VI).

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This runs from Gdynia via southern Poland (Upper Silesia), Vienna and Bratislava and the Eastern Alpine region right through to Northern Italy, serving diverse industrialized centers en route.

BCT processes approximately 250 intermodal trains operated by 13 intermodal operators on a monthly basis. Container cargo moved by rail accounts for 30 per cent of annual throughput. 

The BALT 7 service with two former separate shuttle services with vessels serving BCT in Gdynia, Klaipeda, Teesport and Tilbury ports and Baltic-Adriatic Land Bridge  connected BCT with the Port of Koper started in June 2021. ICTSI is  the world’s largest, independent terminal operator with 34 terminals in 20 countries.

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