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Maarek Grzybowski write to “eBlue Economy” : Port of Gdansk – 3rd port on the Baltic Sea

Over 3,000 merchant ships annually, 48 million tonnes of cargo handled, PLN 255 million of revenues. The Port of Gdansk has resisted the Covid-19 pandemic. 

eBlue_economy_Marek Grzybowski



Over 3,000 merchant ships annually, 48 million tonnes of cargo handled, PLN 255 million of revenues. The Port of Gdansk has resisted the Covid-19 pandemic. The terminals worked without interruptions at full capacity in 2020.

Gdańsk is among the 20 largest European ports. The Port of Gdańsk Authority S.A. moved up to third place in the Baltic Sea in January 2021 with 4.6 million tons of cargo handled, an increase of 8.8% compared to January 2020.

eBlue_economy_kasz Greinke
eBlue_economy_kasz Greinke

„We recorded the largest drops in turnover in the first 6 months of 2020 – said Łukasz Greinke, President of the Board, Managing Director of the Port of Gdańsk Authority. It was even 15 percent. decrease in port turnover.

The following months brought a natural rebound. 2020 was closed with only a slight decline from the record-breaking 2019 – explained Greinke. We managed to overtake the ports of Dunkirk (turnover dropped by 16%) and Genoa (-14%).

The main group of cargo in Gdańsk is general cargo, which also includes containerized cargo. It accounts for almost half of the cargo transshipments at the Port of Gdansk, i.e. 46 percent. Another significant segment is liquid fuels (29%), coal (12%), other bulk cargo (9%), and grain (3%).

The decline of transshipments affected many commodity groups, especially general cargo (-3.4%) and fuels (-29%). Large decline in supply were recorded in the automotive industry. Car reloading decreased by as much as 46 percent. There were practically no cruisers in 2020. 84 cruise ship calls were planned in 2020. Only 6 ships visited Gdańsk during the season during the Covid-19 pandemic


The modernization of the security system is very important – said Sławomir Michalewski – Vice-President of the Board for Financial Matters, Finance Director, Port of Gdańsk Authority. The Port Community System is being improved. The accounting and financial system is being replaced. This will enable faster reporting. Investments in the Port of Gdansk are carried out with the support of the EU financial instrument CEF – “Connecting Europe Facility”. facebook beğeni satın al

In January of 2021, the Port of Gdańsk Authority S.A. recorded 4.6 million tons in cargo handled, overtaking the Port of Primorsk, which dropped to fourth place in the ranking at 4.4 million tons (-26.3%).

The Port of Klaipeda remains in fifth place, at 3.8 million tons (+10.8).  “The rise of the Port of Gdańsk Authority S.A. to third place not only proves the great flexibility of our port and, consequently, of our operators, but it also shows its universal character in the context of other ports in the Baltic Sea region. The global pandemic has affected the entire maritime industry. It has also been an important test for Polish ports, one which we managed to pass,” commented Adam Kłos, Commercial Director of Port of Gdańsk Authority S.A


eBlue_economy_Port Gdansk ships eBlue_economy_Port _Gdansk  

Port of Gdansk, Poland’s biggest port, closely cooperates with the Ukrainian Sea Ports. a working group has been established to promote the new ‘Black Sea to the Baltic’ route with a focus on transporting container cargo by rail between Gdansk and primarily Odessa, Ukraine’s biggest port – informed Łukasz Greinke,  President of the Port of Gdansk, during an official visit to Ukraine by the Polish President Andrzej Duda in October 2020.

eBlue_economy_Port Gdansk Baltic Black Sea trade route deal with Ukraine

Prsident Greinke confirmed the planned train route is: Port Gdańsk – Warsaw – (Terminal Sławków – Hrubieszów) – Dorohusk or Medyka – Kyiv – Ukrainian ports (Odessa, Czernomorsk, Yuzhnyj). He said the aiminitially is to run the service once a week with a train departing from Gdansk to Ukraine with a separate service departing weekly from Ukrainian ports to Gdansk .

The Port of Gdansk is one of Europe’s fastest-growing ports and this year broke into the top 20 biggest ports on the continent despite the disruption to international trade caused by the coronavirus crisis.

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