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June 22nd – Panama Canal waiting time for non booked vessels (Days)

Neopanamax: Northbound Non-Booked Vessels’ estimated transit time in Neopanamax locks shows improvement from 5 to 2 days (average) as of today. For Southbound, today’s average waiting time has increased from 4 to 6 days.

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Panamax: Waiting times for Supers have increased 2 days (average) for Northbound and decreased from 7 to 6 days for Southbound’s. As for Regulars, Northbound transit’s waiting time has improved to 2 days (average).

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How can we help with your Panama Canal Transit?

  • Booking system secure booking slots via 1st period, 2nd period, and 3rd-period booking competition.
  • Booking auction – submitting bids to secure booking auction slots.
  • Pre-Arrival coordinating with the vessel Master for timely submission of all pre-arrival information within 96 hours pre-arrival as required by the Panama Canal Authority.
  • Transit Guarantees – payment to the Panama Canal Authority.
  • Maiden Transit – coordination with vessel owner and the Panama Canal Authority to ensure vessels are in compliance for a 1st time passing of the Panama Canal.
  • Owners matters – coordination of bunkering, collection of bunker samples, CTM, crew changes, provisions and supplies, spare parts transfer, surveys, repairs, and maintenance.

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