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JMTF at a glance

JATAJ MARITIME TRAINING FOUNDATION (JMTF) was founded to impart quality education of world-class standards, reflecting the latest advances in the field of education and research with state-of-the-art academic and administrative infrastructure. JMTF was established in 2017 with the sole aim of nurturing the budding desire of aspiring students in the field of Arts, Science, Engineering, Law, Research and Management. JMTF is Educational in content, in spirit, Scientific in temper and humanitarian in outlook. JMTF aims to spread Education to all strategy of society and the under privileged ones by making it easy and affordable to anyone who has the desire and ambition to come up in life without any distinction of caste, creed or color. Educating everyone in the richness of their past, the diversity of their present and the possibilities for their future. At JMTF we offer Distance Learning as an opportunity to overcome the constraints of work, distance and time to complete the offered degree programmes.

JMTF also aims to provide object-oriented education, keeping in view, the emerging industrial and business opportunities globally. JMTF is seeking strategic alliances and academic collaboration with Indian & Foreign Universities for providing further opportunities to acquire nationally and internationally recognized degrees in India, coupled with well-paid job offers. Besides offering short term Job oriented programs which is mainly in to helping people find good education as we do give professional certificate and degrees. These programs are more flexible, more innovative and less expensive, Which follows the traditional pattern of learning. Our Certificate Programs focuses on knowledge and skills required by management professionals who plan to work for Indian and multinational corporations. It provides the students with a general management perspective and introduces them to the latest concepts and practices related to functional areas of management creating a community of diverse learners.

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