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ITF inspector joins anti-slavery event

ITF inspector (Liverpool, North West England and Wales) Tommy Molloy has participated in major anti-modern-day slavery event in Liverpool, UK.

Organised by the UK Border Force at the Merseyside Maritime and International Slavery Museum, the two-day event marked national anti-slavery day and included talks from victims of modern-day slavery, charities and non-governmental organisations, as well as the ITF.

Mr Molloy gave a talk about his work, took questions from members of the public and ran a display of photographs taken during some of his inspections.

Mr Molloy said: “While there’s greater awareness about the victims of modern-day slavery, the exploitation of seafarers remains largely hidden from the public. So, when we find it, it’s our role to work closely with the Border Force and other agencies to uncover it, expose it and prevent it. Events like this help us to shine a light on what is the dark side of modern seafaring.”

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