IPCSA :IPCSA and PCS moderated on line workshop in Constanta Port


Port of Constanta Administration organized together with IPCSA – International Port Community Systems Association an online workshop, moderated by Richard Morton, Secretary General and Hans Rook, Chairman regarding the implementation of Port Community System (PCS) in Constanta Port.

A Port Community System is a neutral and open electronic platform enabling intelligent and secure exchange of information between public and private stakeholders in order to improve the competitive position of the sea and air ports’ communities. It`s development should be focused on: building a community, automating core information flows in the port, synergy between B2G and B2B and also the integration of processes and sharing the information.


“The PCS is important for Constanta’s ports competitive position, but also for Romania as a whole! The challenge is now to integrate chains that have always been separate.” Other important mention of the IPCSA representatives was that “A Port Community System is not an IT project, but a change management project.”

On this workshop participated more than 25 guests’, representatives of the companies in the field of transport and logistics, traders that are involved doing business in Port of Constanta.

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