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Innovation in Online Education : New Silk Roads Academy Opens

Richard T. Griffiths

: Innovation in Online Education New Silk Roads Academy Opens. At a time when the current pandemic has meant ‘work-at-home’ schedules and on-line classes for many students,said that to ” eBlue Economy” Professor DR . Richard.T.griffithe Director New Silk ROAD ,Research project at the IIAS Leiden- Holand 

He added that : the internet has become a synonymous with loneliness and isolation. The tool that once allowed them to roam a virtual world, has become a symbol of distance and constriction. The New Silk Roads Academy, under the auspices of the International Institute for Asian Studies based in Leiden, aims to change that situation by offering advanced universities students the help and guidance of foreign experts in their chosen region or field of expertise. http://www.newsilkroads.info Sixty academics, located in universities around the world are on hand to offer one-to-one individual mentoring for students engaged in writing their final thesis.

In addition, the Academy has a forum where fellow students can share ideas and it runs regular webinars where experienced academics discuss issues in research design and implementation. The Academy seeks to refresh the internet as a source of academic excitement and intellectual enrichment

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