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incidents : FPSO suffered a 1.5 meter long gash, no reports of damages to the oil tanker

Greek flag Suezmax tanker Olympic Future made a contact with FPSO

On July 1st 2004 built Suezmax tanker ‘Olympic Future’ made a contact with BW Offshore managed FPSO Yúum K’ak ‘Náab, moored in the Campeche oil field, about 105 km off the coast of Ciudad del Carmen, offshore Mexico, Gulf of Mexico.

According to various sources, FPSO suffered a 1.5 meter long gash, no reports of damages to the oil tanker. 

Following this incident, FPSO suspended all operations, although there was no oil leak reported.

According to Tanker Management Company, “The vessel made contact with one of the SBM mooring chains only causing superficial damage to the port bow bulwark.

No pollution and no injuries. The Master and the pilot on board confirm that there was no contact between the vessels. The contact with the mooring chain was as a result of a severe gust of wind. The Olympic Future sailed on passage to East India via Suez.”

The FPSO Yúum K’ak ‘Náab, in Mayan language means” Lord of the Sea “, arrived on March 16, 2007 in waters Mexican.

FPSO is moored 105 km. off the coast of Ciudad del Carmen and has a storage capacity of 2.2 million barrels of crude.

Its operational capacity allows it to mix 600 thousand barrels of heavy and light crude and to discharge 1.2 million barrels per day of mixed crude.

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