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Import and export pending Italian duties and Russian counter-sanctions

The decrees with which Putin will define the goods subject to sanctions are expected, while the Mise evaluates the introduction of duties and export restrictions on goods “that are used by our industry”

Waiting to know if there will be victims, among the various sectors of Made in Italy, of the sanctions announced yesterday by Putin as a “rapid” and “weighted” reaction to the measures ordered by the EU and not only against Russia, the Italian economy of various sectors is trying to redefine its import and export channels in the light of the conflict, an operation that will bring with it inevitable adjustments to the related logistic chains.
Giancarlo Giorgetti - Wikipedia
5 days ago the task force set up a few days ago by Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti met at the Ministry of Economic Development with the aim of “evaluating the repercussions of the conflict on supply chains and prices of raw materials”. With respect to the problems raised in relation to imports, the ministry, in particular, suggested making up for the lack of durum wheat “with purchases in Canada”, adding that it is still evaluating alternative channels as regards the procurement of “clay, iron or sunflower”.
In this regard, it should be noted that two days ago the Ukrainian government launched an export limitation with the aim of addressing the growing shortage of food, a measure that according to Coldiretti will apply to “meat, rye, oats, buckwheat, sugar, millet, and salt ”, allowing instead those of wheat, corn, poultry, eggs and oil only through special licenses issued by the Ministry of Economy to guarantee internal stocks.
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