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Marek Grzybowski write to ” Blue Economy ” : HYDROMEGA—high pressure on quality and innovation

Over 30 years in the hydraulic industry on ships, in ports and on land. Many awards for innovation and high quality—this is the shortest overview about the Hydromega company.

Partnership in maritime business and cooperation with research centers. Design, production and servicing of power hydraulics equipment and systems—this is the shortest overview of Hydromega’s activity. The company has strong roots in the maritime economy and the Polish shipbuilding industry.


After graduating from the Gdańsk University of Technology, Phd. Eng. Zbigniew Zienowicz, the founder and owner of Hydromega, started working in the design office of Gdynia Shipyard. Then he founded his own company which has been operating on the market for over 30 years. Hydromega was established in 1988.

“Designing, supervision and commissioning of complex hydraulic systems generated the need for further development. The company’s activity was a response to the market needs,” says Zbigniew Zienowicz, President of the Board, Hydromega. “The prototypes needed by the Polish economy at the beginning of the company’s operations were designed and built. The first product was hydraulic drives for injection molding machines. The first ready-made complete hydraulic system was the ICHP-24 gantry press. The press was ordered Institute of Industrial Chemistry in Warsaw,” says President Zienowicz.

Currently, over one hundred people work in the company. Hydromega design facilities are created by passionate engineers. The production team consists of experienced specialists. Activity and the desire for personal development are especially appreciated at Hydromega. President Zienowicz focuses on experienced staff and young people. They come after graduation and thanks to their initiative work effectively under the pressure of time. Engineers with long experience and young employees form a well-coordinated and competent team.

During 30 years of activity, the company has developed its competences and has taken a high position on the market. “Our product range includes, among others: hydraulic power supplies, complete ship systems, hydraulic aggregates, specialized vehicles with hydrostatic drive, pump sets, steel tanks, return and fill filters, liquid level indicators (also with an oil level sensor), and inspection hatches,” lists the products Zienowicz, the President of Hydromega. The range of products is very wide, and their basis is power hydraulics and industrial automation. Hydromega also implements difficult projects on an individual order thanks to the company’s knowledge and experience.

The company has the conditions and space for R&D works. Hydromega has been cooperating with scientists since the very beginning. Scientists and employees of the company implement and commercialize their ideas. “Our solutions are often prototypes, and each of them is original. Ro-Ro systems, offshore hydraulic systems, specialized vehicles and a multi-level parking system are our products of the future,” says Zienowicz.  

The company is open to cooperation in business. Most of the projects are based on partnerships in business. “We often create partnerships and consortia to jointly implement strategic projects for end customers. It works and it pays off,’ informs Zienowicz and says: “We go into the future with shipyards: Crist and RSB, Nauta and Stocznia Wojenna, and with companies: Erko, Apator, Hydrotor Tuchola, WPH, Agromet Lubań, Ponar Wadowice, Rotor, Stalkone, Vistal, DRMG, Granaria, RHS. This list is really long. The strong partnerships we have built are the guarantee of a job well done within the innovative economy”.

  photos: Marek Grzybowski

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