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Historian Bassam El Shammaa declares “Our Ancient Egyptian Monuments to be sold in Sotheby’s auction” !

  Historian  Bassam  El Shammaa says to “eblue economy”  On the 7th of December, the Sotheby’s auction in London England will attempt to sell a priceless group of ancient artifacts of Arabian and Egyptian origin.

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He added that: This marks yet another massacre of disciplined concepts of righteous manners worldwide. Some of these artifacts go back to the times of famous and influential Egyptian Kings like King Imnemhat the third (middle kingdom.)

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El Shammaa emphasized  : Check the photos), King Heremheb, King Ramses the second, the famous king who ruled in ancient Egypt for 67 years, and King Tutankhimn well known for his tomb in the Valley of the Kings which was excavated in 1922. His tomb alone was found with 5398 masterpieces of artifacts inside it including the most famous funerary golden mask. Also to be placed on sale on the 7th of December, a beautiful cat deity statue made of bronze dates back to the time of the 26th dynasty, a famous dynasty of reform and resurrection of Egyptian nationalism. The estimated prices placed by the experts of Sotheby’s are so cheap

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