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Greenpeace protest against LNG usage in Croatia

Greenpeace Central Eastern Europe (CEE) activists painted “Climate Killer” on the newly commissioned LNG facility called LNG CROATIA. The objective of the activists was to draw attention to their campaign to stop the use of fossil gas. Greenpeace vessel ARCTIC SUNRISE is touring the Adriatic Sea to promote efforts for stopping the use of LNG and calling a ban on fossil fuel advertising. Recently Greenpeace activists had blocked the largest oil refinery complex of Europe in Rotterdam demanding a ban on fossil fuel advertisements.Greenpeace Collecting Signatures for Fossil Fuel Advertising Ban in RijekaGreenpeace Collecting Signatures for Fossil Fuel Advertising Ban in Rijeka

Green European Journal - Joanna Flisowska

The protest took place at the LNG terminal on the island of Krk in Croatia. As part of the Croatian Government’s plan to expand the fossil gas infrastructure, this floating storage and regasification unit were recently commissioned. Greenpeace is against the idea of fossil gas replacing coal and oil. The organization firmly believes that fossil gas being promoted as a safe solution for climate change is nothing but a lie propagated by the fossil fuel industry to distract and mislead the population on climate change. The organization says that such propaganda will delay the green transition. Joanna Flisowska, European gas campaigner, Greenpeace CEE said that through their protests they are unmasking an industry that has “Climate Killer” written all over it.

Greenpeace protest against LNG usage in Croatia

Greenpeace explained that they targeted the new facility in Croatia because the entire $275 million for the project was financed by the State and European Union. The organization added that the Croatian government is seeking additional funding for the expansion of its gas infrastructure. Flisowska stressed that public money should not be used to fund new fossil gas infrastructure, rather it should be used for energy efficiency, renewables, and storage solutions.

The campaign of Greenpeace is broadly targeted to counter the misinformation that energy companies are spreading through their advertisements. Greenpeace along with 20 other NGOs has launched a petition calling for a law to ban fossil fuel advertisements and sponsorships in the EU.


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