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Ghost cargo ship drifted into Gulf of Siam, no traces of crew or owner (many pics)

Royal Navy Command, Thailand, responded after being informed about a ghost ship found some 70 nm southeasts of Koh Samui island, Gulf of Siam, on Jan 5 or 7, exact date unclear. Abandoned cargo ship of some 80 meters length was adrift, with aft tilt and portside list. She was abandoned for quite some time, from the looks of her.

No signs or traces which could help in solving her mystery were found, except the Chinese name, which when published, was obviously misspelled, reading as FIN SHUL YUEN 2. Navy boarded the ship, salvage underway because she can’t be left drifting in waters of Gulf of Siam, in close proximity to traffic lanes, oil rigs, and resort areas. Salvors plan to right her by pumping out water and ballasting, and after that, to tow her to shelter.

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