Frigates… the pirate bird, the fastest bird in the world!

It has a speed of 450 kilometers, and the first appearance of this bird was in the city of Kangung, while it slept during its flight, which lasted two months continuously, without interruption, and the secret was in its wings! It is called the pirate bird because it steals fish from other birds.

The frigate bird, its males, is distinguished by the presence of a red air bag at the bottom of their necks. During the mating season, the male blows the red bag on his neck and flaps his wings to attract the attention of the female. The couple nests in colonies in the coral reefs on the islands.

15 Facts About Magnificent Frigatebirds in the Galapagos | Latin Roots Travel

They are unknown birds, as it is difficult to observe them, and they have large wings that make them fly for long periods, as they certainly take advantage of the stormy winds and upward currents that meet them in tropical waters, giving them the ability to fly thousands of kilometers.

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The frigate bird is known as the fastest bird in the world, with a speed of 450 km. The first appearance of this bird was in the city of Kangneung

It is widely found in tropical oceans

This splendid bird is found abundantly in tropical, subtropical and coastal oceans, as well as areas bordering the coasts, as well as scattered French islands in the Indian Ocean, Glorioso Islands, Juan de Nova Island, especially in the Mozambique Channel in southern Afghanistan on the island of Europa, which is a permanent colony

With long wings

Frigate Birds have long wings and because the frigate bird does not swim, it does not walk well and falls easily from flat surfaces, so it has wings larger than its body size of up to 2.3 for males, a long forked tail, and a hooked beak

The Frigate Bird feeds on fish, squid and baby sea turtles trying to reach the sea, and is said to prey on young seabirds.

The amazing frigate bird | The Times

Sleep during flight !

A study revealed many questions about the ability of these birds to sleep during flight and to resist the extreme conditions they encounter inside the clouds, as well as the strategy they adopt to avoid hurricanes during their flight.

The results of observing the Frigate Bird showed that it is able to fall into a deep sleep during its flight by completely stopping its brain activity for about a minute each time the wind lifts it up.

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