Fishing :World’s Largest Live Fish carriers in Norwegian fishery

SCHOTTEL announced that, company has once again been awarded orders in the Norwegian fishery segment

The world,largest live fish carrier ( LFC ) in Norwegian fishery by ” SCHOTTEL  GMBH ” of Germany

The world’s largest live fish carrier (LFC), as well as a 67 meter state-of-the-art long liner, will feature thrusters from the German propulsion expert. Both vessels are under construction in Turkey and will be delivered to Norwegian owners.

Sefine Shipyard in Turkey has won the contract to build the largest live fish carrier in the world, ordered by the Norwegian company Frøy Rederi, the Møre Maritime-designed vessel will provide space for 7,500 cubic meters of water in fishing tanks.

The 83.20 meters long and 30.90 meter wide LFC is powered by an advanced diesel-electric propulsion system. 

The portion supplied by SCHOTTEL comprises two rudder propellers type SRP 460 L CP (1,800 kW each) with a propeller diameter of 2.60 meters and one transverse thruster type STT 4 CP (1,000 kW). 

This combination will help the fishery vessel achieve optimum propulsion efficiency and maximum maneuverability, claimed by German OEM.


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