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‘Find a way!’ Macron told to end fishing row as French election driving ‘belligerence’

The fishing agreement within Boris Johnson’s landmark Brexit trade deal was “bitterly disappointing”, according to the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO). Chief Executive Barrie Deas has claimed the upcoming French election is “presumably driving extreme language” from President Emmanuel Macron. Speaking to, Mr. Deas said: “I think this immediate issue should be dealt with at the technical level.

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“It’s the artificial injection of politics, the French election presumably that’s driving this very extreme and belligerent language.

“In that sense, it’s got nothing to do with French fishing.

The deal is expected to be worth around £313million for UK fleet

“When push comes to shove we share stocks and we share continuous waters with firms.

“We have to find a way to co-exist. The terms in which we co-exist is what it’s all about but I think there will be frictions.

Boris Johnson

“What makes it different is to what extent politicians use it for their own end.”

France’s minister for Europe has called on the European Union to take retaliatory measures against Britain if there is no resolution to the post-Brexit row over fishing licences by December 10.

The European Commission has said the dispute must be settled by that deadline as it upped the pressure on the UK in the negotiations.

Quotas agreed for 2022 will still lead to overfishing according to environmentalists

Mr. Deas noted these rows will “harm everybody”.
Sir David Frost: MEP recalls working with former Brexit minister

He said: “It would impact us ultimately down to the vessel level. I think it would impact on everybody.

“There are businesses in France and the EU that are dependent on fish and shellfish from the UK for their existence.

Campaigners says the UK and EU have broken a pledge to stop overfishing

“There would be harm all around.

“It’s quite interesting that voices have now been raised within the French industry expressing concern about the implications of that.

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