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Feadship Juice Is the Juice on Top for Her Owner

Half a century ago, the renowned artist Ed Ruscha created Juice, a work with raised paper ribbons spelling out the letters of the same word in cursive writing. The owner of the new Feadship Juice is an avid art collector and pays homage to Ruscha’s renowned work. Take a close look at the 233-foot (71.1-meter) megayacht’s mast, and you’ll see the tribute. The yacht’s name further is a nod to a term from the collectibles’ auction world, where “juice” is the buyer commission fee. Just as the “juice on top” benefits an auction house, the Feadship Juice benefits her owner and, of course, the shipyard.

Feadship Juice Is the Juice on Top for Her Owner - Megayacht News

The new all-aluminum launch is an extra benefit for Feadship because she belongs to a repeat client. For this project, which went by her hull number, 820, during construction, the owner wanted the styling to reflect a mix of soft lines for a hint of elegance, with some stronger, so-called masculine looks. He collaborated with the design studio RWD to achieve this. Polished stainless steel calls attention to a variety of exterior features, like the stairs to the 26-foot-long (8-meter-long) main-deck pool. So, too, does glass. In fact, the pool itself has glass sides as well as glass handrails.

RWD Design | Redman Whiteley Dixon | Yacht Designer | Y.CO

Inside, the Feadship Juice has accommodations for 10 friends and family to join the owner. Given the 33-foot (11.66-meter) beam, as well as the owner’s intensive involvement in design details, the look and feel should be quite special. Notably, while the owner worked with Peter Marino Architects (which also has Feadship Project 817 on its plate), he personally spent hours looking at materials that would create the right effect. Additionally, he selected all of the woods adorning the megayacht’s central stairway.

Luxury Superyacht designer RWD Design

That stairway makes it easy to retire to his stateroom at the end of an enjoyable evening. Interestingly, Juice has an entire owner’s deck, between the main and bridge decks. Not only does it include the sleeping area, but also has an office as well as a saloon. As for the 10 guests, their suites are in an unusual location, too: all on the main deck. They can use the stairs to head down below to watch movies in the cinema or head up to the sundeck to work out in the gym. Juice has a welcoming, big beach club, too.

Once the Feadship Juice sees delivery in a few months, she’ll carry a maximum crew of 24 capable hands. The crew will ensure the owner and guests can transfer to and from anchorages thanks to two tenders. One is a 26-foot (8-meter) RIB, while the other is a 33-foot (10-meter) limo tender. Both boats are custom, too. So is the rescue boat. All three beneath the foredeck and launch via gullwing doors.

Feadship feadship.nl

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