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Farming of 11 million shrimp fry will start early next week

SCA. Admiral  Osama Rabie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, inspected today, Thursday, a number of service facilities and worksites of the authority, accompanied by a number of board members and leaders of the authority, with the aim of following up on the progress of work.

The inspection tour included the personnel ferry at Qantara, and the Suez Canal Company for Aquaculture.

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Rabie began his tour by inspecting the personnel ferry in Qantara West to check on the level of services provided to citizens and to ensure the regularity of work in the Qantara sector ferry facility of the authority during the blessed Eid Al-Fitr holiday, which allows the provision of transit services to citizens between the two banks of the canal through each of the personnel ferry sites at km 45 Numbering the car ferry canal and site in km 47 Channel numbering, where each site includes two ferryboats operating interchangeably around the clock, in addition to an additional third ferryboat at each site in case of emergency.

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During his inspection of the entry and exit corridors, the parking lots of the ferry, and his crossing to the East Bank via the Al Raswa ferryboat 11, SCA Admiral Rabie was keen to listen to the opinions of citizens and get to know their impressions of the level of services provided after the completion of the development work.
During his tour, the head of the authority directed the improvement of the outer perimeter of the ferry site, raising the efficiency of the waiting areas on the eastern side of the ferryboat, and facilitating the crossing of citizens across the two banks of the canal.
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Subsequently, SCA Admiral Rabie went to inspect the Suez Canal Aquaculture Company to find out the executive position of the general plan for the development of the company and its conformity with the established timetable.
 The Chairman of the authority continued the start of transferring fingerlings of sea bream from culture nurseries to large breeding ponds. He also learned about the latest developments in culture work, as it is scheduled to start farming 11 million shrimp fry early next week, God willing.
The team, Rabie, was briefed on the achievement rates in the sedimentation basin No. (21) which includes the development and upgrading of 368 fish ponds divided into 46 segments, each segment includes 8 culture ponds. The start of their cultivation after the completion of irrigation and drainage experiments in ponds during the coming period.
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The inspection tour included the construction works of the administrative building, the external wall surrounding the company and the mosque, as well as the civil works related to the lining of basins and the ancillary equipment of the developed sewers for irrigation and drainage.

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Chairman of the authority directed to speed up the pace of work and adhere to the timetable and follow the standards of accuracy in implementing the general plan for development, and thanked all the company’s employees for their efforts to implement the development work in the company in parallel with the continuation of the process of culturing fish in ponds whose development has already ended, conveying to them the greetings of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi the President of the Republic and his periodic follow-up of developments in the development work of the company in light of the directives to achieve the optimum benefit from the company to contribute to achieving self-sufficiency in fish.

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The inspection tour comes as a continuation of the tours of SCA Admiral Osama Rabie, head of the authority, to a number of worksites in the authority during the blessed Eid al-Fitr holiday, which included the Navigation Control Center and Marina guides to check on the navigation movement in the canal, in addition to following up the progress of work in the Suez Canal Museum project, and the stadium international channel.

The official spokesman for the Suez Canal Authority George Safwat stated

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