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Faces : Nitzeira Watson Stewart – President of YoungShip Panama

 She is the Vice President of The Nautical Institute Panama branch is an international professional organization for maritime professionals,

Nitzeira Watson Stewart started her studies in the maritime field at the age of 15, from the age of 18 she worked at

the Panama Maritime Authority, with various functions as Inspector of Port Services, Boarding Officer, and Maritime, Signaling Technician also has experience in Exports and Imports.

Throughout my career, She encountered different obstacles to the issue of gender equality which she has been able to face with enthusiasm and positivism.

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Among my achievements She can mention that she has been awarded the Biannual Scholarship 2017-2018 of the International Association of Ports and IAPH with which She had the opportunity to study at the Nautica Faculty of Barcelona for a Master’s Degree in Maritime Law Business and Port Management.

Currently, She is president of YoungShip Panama the first headquarters in Latin America where She saw the need for Panama to have a maritime organization that cares about young people in the sector focused on the challenges, She make the decision to open a headquarters in Panama, it belongs to the YoungShip International Organization dedicated to networking activities for young people in the maritime sector worldwide among others.

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She is also Young Member Council of The Nautical Institute based in London representing the Latin American and Caribbean region, She is the Vice President of The Nautical Institute Panama branch is an international professional organization for maritime professionals, based in the United Kingdom and I currently serves as legal representative of The Nautical Institute Panama Branch, I’m an accredited Speaker from the International Speaker’s Chamber.

She currently mentors YoungShip Panama Teen youth between the age of 15-18. I participate in many national and international events as a speaker.

She was interviewed in my country by the television channel in the brilliant minds program that recognizes the efforts of people in national transcendence internationally recognizing my achievements.

Facing of obstacles

She recognizes my mentor Edwin Mendoza Flores maritime lawyer who from the beginning has guided me in the wonderful maritime world.

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She advises young people and women that you always must fight for your dreams and not let negative experiences overcome in the face of obstacles, making them positive and successful.

Knowing the importance of staying up to date in the maritime field she working on the creation of a maritime training academy focused on the e-learning and microlearning modality for young people in the maritime field a percentage of the funds raised will be donated to charitable foundations.

She does not want to end without first thanking God for all the people who have crossed paths in her life throughout her professional career and who have shared with her their knowledge which has made her a better person with a personal and professional growth have taught her to always be available to share your knowledge with others and give a voice of encouragement whenever they need it.

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