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Faces : Dr Swidan is a Consultant for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Ahmed Swidan is Senior Lecturer in Maritime Engineering in Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT)’s Department of Marine Engineering Technology. Ahmed is also an Adjunct Professor in Maritime Engineering in the University of New South Wales since 2018. Previously he was a Lecturer in Maritime Engineering at the Australian Maritime College (AMC), University of Tasmania (UTAS) for 6 years. His research focuses on the performance of surface ships and underwater vehicles. Specific interests include hydrodynamics, fluid-structure interaction, full scale measurements, model testing and design

Ahmed is a professional maritime engineer with over 20 years of Experience across both the Egyptian and Australian Navies, Industry, and Academia. His maritime experience includes aspects of Vessel Management, Classification and Certification, Operations, Conversion, and Design of Mechanical Systems. This experience was gained through a variety of roles ranging from Chief Marine Engineer aboard warships and merchant vessels, Project Manager to Chief Technical Superintendent of large RO-PAX vessels.

Dr Swidan obtained his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Military Technical College in 2000, Masters degree in Maritime Engineering from AASTMT in 2012 and Ph.D in Maritime Engineering from UTAS’ AMC in 2016. He is a Fellow and Chartered Marine Engineer of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology in UK, Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia, Committee Member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architecture in Australia, and Chartered Engineer from Engineering Council of Great Britain. 

 Currently,  Dr Swidan is a Consultant for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.


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