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Faces : Aussie Shefarer – a RORO vessel

I’m the Aussie Shefarer and I work on a RORO vessel. I have worked in the seafaring industry since I was in high school as a deckhand. As I got more experienced, I realized my true calling was working on big ships. So off I went to uni and began my career as a deck cadet. Since then, I have had many different experiences which have allowed me to further my knowledge about being a Deck Officer.

Being out at sea is such a special experience for me. There is something quite different about being on the open ocean with no distractions. I love the challenges and opportunities my job brings. As a Deck Officer, you’re learning something new all the time.

My favorite thing about my job is the gorgeous sunrises you get to see every day. It just makes the job even more special. Not to mention the sea life that never fails to amaze me!! “

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