EVENTS : LL Outlook 2020 Forum


The LL Outlook 2020 Forum, agreed companies will have to adapt or risk obsolescence in an environment in which the very nature of the macro-economic system is shifting. Challenges are coming from regulators, financiers, clients and labour

 BIMCO shipping analyst Peter Sand, told the forum that protectionism is the biggest threat to shipping. “In the world of shipping, we are the facilitator of global trade, and protectionism is bringing down global trade. The whole walk away from globalisation is a negative for shipping. Many of the disruptions [impacting shipping] will live on efficiency. “If the shipping fleet was 100% efficient, it would be a completely different environment. I see protectionism as the bigger threat and it’s getting bigger by the day,” Mr Sand said. hashtag#shipsandshipping hashtag#maritime hashtag#protectionism

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