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Eni and Leonardo working together on the development of decarbonisation projects

Eni and the Italian defense group Leonardo signed, today, Wednesday, an agreement to develop joint initiatives in the field of sustainability and innovation, with the aim of boosting the process of energy transition and decarbonization of their activities, the Italian Nova news agency reported.

Under the agreement, Eni, a leader in energy, and Leonardo, a leader in the aerospace, defense and security sectors, will be develop and use energy from renewable sources, energy efficiency in buildings and production plants, material recycling, and waste and scrap valuation, in the context of a circular economy to promote and accelerate Energy transition and decarbonization of the aviation sector.

Specifically, the agreement focuses on the testing and use of sustainable biofuels for aviation and joint research programmes with a specific emphasis on e-fuels and hydrogen. The collaboration will involve sharing technological best practices in HSE (health, safety and the environment) and cyber-security.

Giuseppe Ricci alta risoluzione

Giuseppe Ricci, General Manager of Energy Evolution at Eni, said, “We are launching a strategic collaboration with Leonardo that allows us to pool key distinctive skills to boost and accelerate the aerospace sector’s energy transition.

By working together, we can identify future-oriented projects that we hope will lead to new business opportunities which can be developed jointly according to the principles of environmental sustainability and the circular economy.

We are committed to developing products, services and solutions to achieve this, both in the energy and mobility sectors.

These are solutions that we want to make available and share in order to conduct this transformation in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable way.”

Leonardo punta a un "pianeta b" fatto di bit - la Repubblica

Franco Ongaro, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer di Leonardo, stated, “Collaboration when seeking out technological solutions to sustainability issues between two leading international industrial companies is an important milestone in dealing with future challenges. Studying and testing sustainable fuels, for example, will have a decisive impact on the whole aviation sector over next few years

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. Leonardo’s collaboration with Eni is therefore a further step towards creating innovative synergies and sharing expertise across sectors that are central to the sustainable technological development, for the benefit not only of individual companies but of the entire country.”

Eni SpA and Leonardo SpA are related parties. The present Understanding could be subject to subsequent binding actions that the parties involved will define according to the applicable law, included that which regulates operations among related parties.

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