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EMSA : COVID-19 impact on shipping – 09 July 2021 PDF

EMSA Founding Regulation states that the purpose of the Agency is to ensure a high, uniform, and effective level of maritime safety, maritime security, prevention of, and response to, pollution caused by ships as well as response to marine pollution caused by oil and gas installations and, where appropriate, to contribute to the overall efficiency of maritime traffic and maritime transport so as to facilitate the establishment of a European Maritime Transport Space without Barriers.


EMSA’s mission is to serve EU maritime interests for a safe, secure, green and competitive maritime sector and act as a reliable and respected point of reference in the maritime sector in Europe and worldwide.
EMSA capitalizes on its unique know-how to position itself as an essential player in the maritime cluster in Europe and beyond.
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EMSA works on maritime safety, security, climate, environment, and single market issues and tasks, first as a service provider to the Member States and the Commission, but also as an innovative and reliable partner and knowledge hub for the European maritime cluster and potentially beyond as a reference internationally


EMSA’s vision is to be the center of excellence for a safe and sustainable EU maritime sector.


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