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Sisi reviews navigation movement rates in Suez Canal during FY 2021-22

During his meeting with ِAdmiral Osama Rabie,Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi reviewed the Suez Canal Authority  of navigation movement in the canal during the year 2021/2022

Unprecedented record numbers:Admiral Osama Rabie confirmed that digging the new Suez Canal, and the continuous development of the canal and raising its efficiency, have enhanced the canal’s capabilities as a global hub for trade and support for the country’s national economy,

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As the canal achieved unprecedented record numbers and rates in its history in terms of annual revenue, which reached About $7 billion, the highest transit rate of ships, and the highest net tonnage of about 1.32 billion tons, in addition to the success in receiving the new generation of giant container ships with a capacity and huge tonnage.

Strengthen of the industry of fishing vessels and boats:

The Talks covered a review of the efforts of the SCA to localize the industry of fishing vessels and boats, where the President directed the development of these efforts to produce fishing boats that are used locally for the benefit of the categories of fishermen in the Egyptian lakes that have been developed such as Lake Manzala and others, as an alternative to primitive wooden boats Currently used, provided that it is equipped with modern machinery and coolers for storing fish, in order to support fishermen and their ability to double production from fishing and.yacht tourism.

Source: Presidency of the Republic

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