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Egypt’s President Sisi mourns victims of Sinai terrorist attack

Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi mourned on Saturday an Army officer and ten soldiers who were killed foiling a terrorist attack on a checkpoint at a water lifting station in the west Sinai area.

“The loyal sons of the nation are still responding to its call with courage and sacrifice, continuing in a unique self-denial and a belief in protecting the nation that will not be shaken,” El-Sisi said Saturday evening.

“I assure you that those treacherous terrorist operations will not undermine the determination of the sons of this nation and its Armed Forces in uprooting terrorism completely,” he added.

El-Sisi added that he offered his condolences to the Egyptian people, the Armed Forces, and the families of the victims while wishing a speedy recovery to the injured and praying to God to protect Egypt and its people.

The Egyptian Armed Forces announced the attack by takfiri terrorists on Saturday evening, adding that five more soldiers were injured in addition to those killed.

The remaining terrorists are currently being hunted down and are besieged in one of the isolated areas in Sinai, the statement added.

This is the first major attack of its kind in 2022. Terrorist attacks in the Sinai, especially in the north where they had been concentrated, have declined since 2013 following massive and successive security and Army operations.

MagdySadek and the board of the eBlue Economy condemn in extreme terms the terrorist attack on a water lifting station in the west Sinai that killed an officer and ten soldiers on Saturday. and offer their condolences to the Egyptian people And mourn martyrs of the homeland, may God have mercy on them, and may God curse black terrorism and all those who finance and host these terrorists and open their borders to protect them In the name of human rights which is misleading claims

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