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Egypt Economic Conference 2022 to launch Today

The Egypt Economic Conference 2022 is set to kick off on today ( Sunday )in Cairo, with the participation of economists and businessmen, to draw a roadmap for the future of the Egyptian economy, the Egyptian government

The three-day event was called for by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi in early September when he urged the government to organise an economic conference to discuss the present economic conditions to boost all sectors of the domestic economy.

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According to cabinet spokesperson Nader Saad, the conference will include the announcement of several incentives for the industrial sector and exporters as well as a number of government initiatives to stimulate economic performance.

The spokesperson said that the agenda of the conference will focus on three main tracks: macroeconomic policies, private sector empowerment and creating a business-friendly environment, and formulating a roadmap for the priority sectors in the government’s work program.

Saad said the discussion of the roadmap will witness a number of interactive sessions that will discuss the visions and ideas of experts on what policies are required to achieve national goals in several priority sectors in the Egyptian economy and the measures required to overcome the challenges facing those sectors.

The discussions on the second day of the conference will include tackling the role of the Sovereign Fund of Egypt (TSFE) and the State Ownership Document.

The closing session will review the prominent conclusions and recommendations reached during the conference concerning the policies required to face the current challenges in the Egyptian economy.

The conference will also have roundtable sessions with the participation of government representatives, including the prime minister, as well as intellectuals, economists and representatives of political parties.

The cabinet said that 92 officials from the government will attend the conference, including ministers, in addition to 68 MPs, 72 economy professors, 39 economists, 22 heads of commerce chambers and unions, 133 representatives of local and foreign companies, 22 representatives of NGOs, 11 party leaders, 47 ambassadors, 27 businessmen’s associations and 37 members of the National Dialogue.

According to the Egyptian government, the technical committee of the conference received about 300 economic suggestions to be discussed in its sessions.

The Egyptian government launched in early October a mobile app and website ( for the conference.

Highlights of the first day of the conference:

“Policies required to enhance the capacity of the Egyptian economy to face crises”, Ambassador Nader Saad, the official spokesman for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, stated that the first day witnessed the holding of several sessions dealing with discussing many topics related to economic policies and related fields.

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Pointing out that the first session on the first day of the conference aims to identify the visions and ideas of economists on what are the required macroeconomic policies based on the best international practices, and the current national priorities in light of the “Egypt Vision 2030”, and the session will discuss a number of themes represented by the successive economic crises facing Egypt.

The global economy, its international and local repercussions, the development of the growth rates of the Egyptian economy during the past decades, in addition to the change in the economic structure and sources of growth over the past three decades, and the need to reach an economic structure that achieves inclusive and sustainable growth.

The third session of the first day’s sessions will discuss “Monetary Policies in Light of Global Developments”, as the topics of discussion in this session include the features and dimensions of the current global inflation problem, and the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis on the aggravation of the inflation problem in the world,

In addition to the policies and measures taken by policymakers Monetary policies around the world to curb inflation, as well as the impact of raising interest rates in developed markets on the situation in emerging markets,

In addition to another axis represented in the efforts and measures taken by the Egyptian state to limit the effects and repercussions of high prices.

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