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Admiral Rabie meets with the Chairman of ICS witness the signing of an MoU for joint cooperation

Admiral Rabie “We adopt an ambitious vision to reinforce the pivotal role of the Suez Canal Authority amid the International community of Maritime navigation and the benefit of our clients is our major priority.

 Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping( ICS ): “the Suez Canal Authority adopts a fair policy for determining the transit fees with reinvesting its resources in mega development projects.

 Secretary-General of the International Chamber of Shipping ( ICS ) “the Canal’s development projects endorse the supply chains’ operations efficiently.

Admiral Osama Rabie, the Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, and Mr. Esben Poulsson, the Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping, have both witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding for joint cooperation between the Suez Canal Authority and the International Chamber of Shipping, on the sidelines of the first official visit of the Chamber’s chairman and the accompanying delegation to the Suez Canal.

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The memorandum of understanding is the result of fruitful cooperation and effective communication between the Suez Canal Authority and the International Chamber of Shipping over the past two years to follow up on the repercussions of the novel coronavirus pandemic and the efforts exerted to refloat the container vessel EVER-GIVEN and other challenges that had a significant impact on the global trade movement and the maritime transport industry.

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The memorandum of understanding aims to open new horizons for cooperation between the two sides, revitalize communication and allow the exchange of information and experiences through several mechanisms, most notably holding an annual meeting for representatives of the two parties to discuss urgent issues and follow up on developments related to projects to develop the waterway of the canal, marketing, and pricing policies pursued by the authority, ways to enhance navigational security, and applying international environmental standards

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Admiral Rabie has expressed his aspiration to strengthen relations of cooperation and partnership with the International Chamber of Shipping, which is a necessary step that expresses the ambitious vision pursued by the Authority to enhance its foreign relations through direct coordination with clients and successful partners and benefit from the result of rapprochement and direct communication from discussing matters of common interest and achieving common interests and support for the stability of global supply chains.

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Admiral Rabie affirmed the Egyptian state’s keenness to enhance the pivotal role of the Suez Canal as a basic pillar of the international navigation community, referring in this regard to the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, to continue development efforts through the project to develop the southern sector and to complete the construction on what the project has achieved. The new Suez Canal is one of the advantages of navigation and the enhancement of the international position of the canal.

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 The chairman stressed that the Suez Canal succeeded in overcoming the various challenges it faced over the past two years and turned them into successes and achievements,

The Ever Given is good to go — once its owners settle their dues | Enterprise

Describing the epic of salvaging and refloating the giant Panamanian container vessel EVERGIVEN as the biggest challenge that the Canal succeeded in managing and dealing with in a record time, only six days, thanks to the hands of the Authority’s employees to prove to the whole world the importance of the channel and the lack of a real alternative to it.

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The chairman of the Suez Canal Authority clarified that Suez Canal bears in mind its clients’ interests and pays particular attention to keeping pace with the rapid changes in the shipping industry.

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In addition, Suez Canal closely follows the exerted efforts for supporting the directives of the IMO by taking into account the environmental standards and reducing the harmful carbon emissions,

Pointing to the Canal’s readiness for accommodating the mega vessels of large drafts which the world vessels’ shipyards are heading to build for benefiting from the economies of scale. Moreover, the authority adopted constructive initiatives by providing incentives and grants for the eco-friendly ships, as well as, boosting using solar energy instead of the regular fuel in operating pilotage stations located along the waterway.

Furthermore, the chairman of the Suez Canal Authority shared information with the esteemed guests about the recent navigation updates in the Canal by clarifying the tireless efforts which were exerted by the Suez Canal for maintaining the rates of the vessels’ transit through the canal despite the different world challenges by adopting a package of flexible pricing and marketing policies. From his side, Mr. Esben Poulsson, the chairman of the International Chamber of Ship
George Safwat, the official spokesman for the Suez Canal Authority stated

About ICS

Established in 1921, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) is the principal global trade association for shipowners and operators, concerned with all regulatory, operational, and legal issues, as well as employment affairs. The ICS comprises national shipowners associations from Asia, Europe, and the Americas, whose member shipping companies operate over 80% of the world merchant fleet.

In addition to representing the interests of shipowners and operators at bodies such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Labour Organization (ILO), the production and revision of maritime publications is one of the most important tasks that ICS undertakes on behalf of the shipping industry.

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